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At the time shipper(“Shipper”) handover documents or delivery package to PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS to be delivered or transported, the Customer
shall be considered and agree the requirements, as follows:

  1. PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS shall be liable to the delivery package (”Package”) that shipping costs have been settled (unless there is a special
    agreement between PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS and Shipper for such exception) and have an original receipt for delivery such (Airwaybill)/SPK
    (Surat Perintah Kerja )/Shipping Instruction hereinafter referred to ”Shipment Number”. Package shall be considered properly received in good
    condition if there is no complain at the time to consignee and the proof of delivery signed by Consignee or the representative.
  2. Shipper shall state the destination address and complete valid information regarding the description of the Package to PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS
    and the contents of the Package shall conform to the information as stated in Shipment Number. PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS shall not check the
    contents of Package, if any discrepancy between the contents of Package with the statement in Shipment Number, Shipper shall be solely
    responsible for any violation of the law of Republic Indonesia without involving PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS.
  3. The packaging include the placement of Package in packaging will be Shipper responsibility which may be provided by PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS.
    Any damage or loss caused of improper packaging is Shipper’s responsibility.
  4. PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS has the right to re-route the Package for safety, regulatory or operational reason without any prior notice to the
  5. PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS shall not be responsible for conditions as follows:
    a) Losing of the usefulness of documents/delivery package is not physically damage because of delays in delivery
    b) Delay, loss, or damage of Package because of force majeure such as natural disasters, acts of riot, rebellion, other conditions beyond
    PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS control, etc.
    c) Leakage, damage or decomposition of the Package which are liquid, fragile, food/fruits, etc.
    d) All damages and technical risk of the machine and electronic goods during delivery process by PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS that may cause any
    malfunction of the goods
    e) Lose of the opportunity to gain profits caused of loss, damage and delay of handover document or Package
    f) Any seizure or destruction of Package by any government as follows: Customs, Quarantine, Police, Judiciary, Public Prosecutor, etc.
  6. Content of the Package that probihited by PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS :
    a) Living things (animals and plants), money, securities (checks, demand deposits, bonds, stocks, certificates), Explosive goods, weapons
    and parts, Gambling equipment and lottery tickets. Narcotics and and other drugs that are considered as other prohibited items
    b) Goods that are contrary to the values of decency and could destabilize security and public order, Goods are categorized under
    government supervision, Goods that are made of glass, acrylic, marble rocks
    c) Goods in the category of hazardous, toxic and chemical goods which easily explode or burn liquid except packaged properly (by
    attaching an Material Safety Data Sheet and an affidavit of dangerous goods of the customer), Alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  7. Limitation of Liability:
    If there is lost or damage of Package the maximum reimbursement is 10 (ten) times the cost of shipping onPackage missing / lacking and or
    maximum Rp. 1.000.000, – (One Million Rupiahs). The compensation for the maximum limit/declare value shall use insurance services that are
    the partner of PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS and insurance surcharges paid by Shipper. The liability compensation of Package shall comply to the
    partner of PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS regulation.
  8. In the event of loss or damage resulting in a claim, the customer must immediately notify to PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS. All claims must be
    submitted in writing to PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS within three (3) business days since the Package has been received or should received, failing
    which PRIMANUSA LOGISTICS shall have no liability whatsoever. Claim submission must be enclosed :
    a) Police report (if insured)
    b) Claim letter.
    c) Copy of ID / Driving license / Passport correspond with the name on the proof sheet Shipping Signs.
    d) Minutes of loss / damage signed with both party, receiver and carrier.
    e) Supporting documents, eg : purchase invoice of goods which are missing /damage, packing list, picture of damage, and original delivery
    receipt of the shipment.